Feed Business Analytics with PI System Data

Today’s technology marketplace offers an unprecedented capability to capture large volumes of industrial, sensor-based data; however, combining that data with transactional or business data to generate actionable intelligence remains challenging.

Ohne entsprechende Tools, die sensorenbasierte Daten oder Zeitreihendaten für die Arbeit mit Geschäftsanalysetools einfach konvertieren, erfordern selbst alltägliche Aufgaben wie die Berichterstattung immer mehr individuellen Programmieraufwand, komplexe Abfragen und letztendlich auch Humankapital. PI Integrators for Business Analytics are out-of-box tools that cleanse PI System data so that it is analysis-ready and easily consumed by many standard business analytics systems.


BI Integrator

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Advance Your Geospatial Maps

Geospatial Maps

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Expand Your Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse

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Free Your Data

Hear from Don Morrison at Devon Energy, early adopters of the PI Integrator for Business Analytics, on how they are making faster and better decisions regarding asset performance while spending less time wrangling with the data.
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